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Get Your Dog's Teeth Checked Before It Is Too Late

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Take a look at your doggie. Do it now. Has he or she been to the vet lately? Do you take them in for walk-in clinic hours? No, then it is something to consider. Unable to speak, your dog cannot tell you when they are in pain, have a headache or suffer from stomach cramps.

Even more problematic is doggie dental care. For some reason, it is common for owners to assume that as long as their dog is able to chew food, they must be fine. The truth could be different. Just as humans have to visit the dentist periodically, so do domestic animals.

For those dog owners who have not taken their pets in for a dental checkup at veterinarian lately, if ever, here is an explanation of the importance of doing so. The health of your furry loved one could hang in the balance.

The Mouth as Source of Health Problems

Dog mouths are warm and wet. This reality makes them the perfect places for bacteria to grow and flourish. Without regular veterinarian cleanings, these germs become a serious health problem for the dog. Unlike humans, dogs do not have toothbrushes and dental floss.

It is bad enough that the mouth can become infected, but the bacteria does not limit its damage there. Over time, the toxic material spreads into the dog's blood, where it begins to deteriorate organs, especially livers and kidneys. It is this sort of organ damage that cuts the life expectancy of domestic animals. In effect, your dog could die from internal organ malfunctioning, but the precipitating cause could have been their poor oral health.

When It is Definitely Time for a Vet Dental Checkup

If a dog demonstrates any of these symptoms, then it is best to contact an animal clinic about its walk-in hours.

  • Bleeding Gums

  • Inflamed Gums

  • Loose Teeth

  • Missing Teeth

  • Smelly Breath

Visiting a Veterinarian During Walk-in Hours

Hopefully, the above commentary provides the necessary impetus to start taking dog dental care seriously. Canadians are fortunate because they are able to visit a veterinarian during convenient walk-in hours. There, they and their beloved pets can expect to receive a diagnostic exam that will locate any current or latent dental concerns.

It is important to remember that your dog cannot tell you when he or she needs their teeth cleaned or oral surgery performed; therefore, it is your duty to get them dental help before things become detrimental.